Weight Loss Journey

Are you ready to take control of your health and longevity?

Book an Appointment

This first requires a referral letter from your GP so you can contact us and book your first appointment.

First Consultation

The consultation entails exploring weight gain factors, discussing weight loss options including surgery, and providing information about the bariatric program.

Allied Health Review

My team comprises a Bariatric GP, Dietician, Psychologist, and Exercise Physiologist. Pre-surgery, the Allied health team optimises factors contributing to current and potential future weight gain and develops strategies for success. A Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD) is initiated in preparation for upcoming surgery.

Preparation for surgery

Payment for your surgical weight loss journey is necessary. Additionally, a few weeks before surgery, a gastroscopy is conducted as a brief day procedure.


Your tailored surgical procedure is performed.

Post Surgery

In the hospital, there will be daily reviews by myself and the allied health team. After discharge, you’ll receive a wellness check-up via phone or telehealth two weeks before your regular follow-up. Scheduled allied health follow-up appointments will also be arranged.


Regularly scheduled follow-up sessions are conducted to track your weight loss progress and ensure you reach your desired weight loss goals. There is ongoing collaboration between myself, the allied health team, and your GP to maintain your weight loss journey.

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